Dancing at Special WoodstockIsland Stage

Rick Dennis, Ken Waet, Shelley Vaags and Richard Menegozzo

10:45 - Welcome to Special Woodstock 2017

Bagpiper Charlie
The Petri Family
11:00 -The Greenlights - are a talented group of high school students who bring their youthful energy and personality to every old and new song they play...
11:40 -Twin Oaks
11:50 - Vera Sagram- Bollywood dance instructor
12:00 -The Smiley Family
12:40 -The Singing Buddies
1:00 -the Cookie Monsters
1:40 -Peter Bourne
2:00 -Monty and The Providers
2:40-Foreste Tuttle
2:50 - Adam - line dance instruction
3:00 -Montgomery County
3:40-Heather (San Miguel), Burnside House
3:50 -David Simms
4:00 -The Rivals
4:40 -Blake Andison and Myles Kitson
5:00 -Rick Scott
5:40 -Jam with Phil and his harmonicas
6:00 -Petrie Family
Bagpiper Charlie

Rose Garden Stage

Hosted by Mahri Sherlock 

11:00-Mahri Sherlock
11:30-Deanna and Larry
11:45-Owen Vaags
12:00-Sister Act
12:30-Donnie Mac
1:00-Bill Levitee
1:30-The Victoria Gaelic Choir
2:00-KC and The Hot Velvet Jazz Band - Jazz classics with cool sultry vocals.Vancouver Islands finest
2:30-Ryllie Smyth
2:45-Gracie Hooper
3:00-Owen and Erin
3:30-The Raggedy band

All performers and times subject to change due to the nature of our unique festival.

Please note:

Sorry, no pets are allowed on site unless officially certified as medical aids.