woodstockSpecial Woodstock is sharing some exciting news . We have partnered up with the Woodstock Venture community in New York!!!

Woodstock 1969, the most famous happening to ever happen on the planet

History was made when 4 young men put together a music festival in a farmers field which attracted thousands of music loving, peaceful teenagers from all over the continent.

Joel Rosenman and Jen Roberts personally contacted us to tell us how much they liked the spirit of Special Woodstock and they have now included us on their website at www.woodstock.com.

Special Woodstock will be honoring the union with Woodstock Ventures with a 60's theme for this years festival on August 20, 2017.

Check out their website with all the great pictures of Woodstock 69 and then click on the community tab created for us and see how we are being supported by them. Our Facebook page has had many visits from people from all over the world, thanks to this exposure on the Woodstock.com site. Isn't that the best news ever?!